Easy-to-Use Conversational AI For Your Business and Home with Neon AI Voices

CIO Award for Most Promising Conversational Platform Provider 2022
Trailblazing a New Era of Voice Technology
CIO Award for Most Promising Conversational Platform Provider 2021
Conversational AI Made Ubiquitous


The Neon AI Voice Assistant Technology Provides

a Full-featured Platform for AI Voice Interactions

With revolutionary, privacy-respecting, open source software for personal assistants and industrial applications, we're helping lead the way to a brighter and easier, tomorrow. 

Neon AI is the only open source conversational AI platform backed by a full-service software development and support company. 

Our revolutionary natural language artificial intelligence technology extends to all forms of conversation including audio, text, gestures and video.

With collaborative conversations and careful attention to your input, our experts will create custom voice user interfaces to take your enterprise into the future.

Download Neon AI open source software for Mark II owners and developers: here